Department of
Molecular Virology
Gdańsk, Poland
Laboratory of Recombinant Vaccines
Head: Prof. Bogusław Szewczyk
Beata Gromadzka, Ewelina Król PhD, Dawid Nidzworski PhD,
Łukasz Rąbalski PhD

PhD Students:
Martyna Krejmer, Krzysztof Łepek, Paulina Weiher

The application of different expression systems for the production of viral
proteins which can be used as potential vaccines or constituents of modern
diagnostic tests is the main field of interest of the Laboratory. Apart from using
a wide array of classical methods of molecular biology, the Laboratory
specializes in expression of foreign genes in insect cells using baculovirus
expression system. Some of the research projects carried out in the Laboratory
are listed below:
1. Construction of recombinant vaccines against bird flu virus H5N1, classical
swine fever virus CSFV and rabbit hemorrhagic disease virus RHDV.
2. Effect of glycosylation inhibitors on viral entrance and propagation in host cells.
3. Fast and sensitive methods for the monitoring of influenza A and Newcastle
disease virus carried by migrating birds.
4. Fast and sensitive methods for the monitoring of baculoviruses controlling the populations of lepidopteran pests in forests.

Future projects and goals:
The influenza A/H1N1 responsible for the first pandemic of the twenty-first
century turned out to be relatively mild when compared to other influenza
pandemics of the past. However, such a situation may be transient and there
are concerns that the virus may reassort during mixed infections of a single host with different variants of influenza A virus. The resulting recombinant virus may have unpredictable properties when it establishes itself in the human population.
Therefore, our future goal is to develop fast molecular methods allowing rapid
identification of mixed infections in a single patient. Another of our aims is the
construction of a recombinant universal vaccine against influenza A/H1N1 virus.

Selected publications:

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